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 a leather bag with woven textured straps

Elena Vandelli



Elena Stavropoulou Vandelli, is a Greek Italian architect, specialized in bioclimatic and environmental architecture.  Her  work includes residencies, small industrial buildings, exhibition design, retail spaces and object design. You can experience her architectural work at:


Through her work she fulfilled her need to design and create bespoke objects and furniture for particular architectural projects gaining immense satisfaction through the unique process of realising the final material object from an idea.

bag in a beach


For Elena a bag is a shell. A shell is usually perceived as a hard and rigid boundary between exterior and interior, public and private. A bag, though represents a different kind of shell: a malleable one. It’s a shell that protects, hides, secures, organizes, separates and sometimes traps or even devours objects.


She has created two collections: the Urban Leather Collection, a collection for all day use, especially designed for people interested in a unique style; and the Comfort Canvas Collection, a large minimal canvas bag inspired by the bright colors of the Greek islands and perfect for yoga classes, shopping and summer holidays.


Her collection features a diverse mix of materials, from suede and leather to fabrics and metal, creating a captivating contrast of textures and hues. Woven fabrics, smooth or textured, are intuitively combined within a clear geometric framework. Details draw inspiration from traditional and imaginary designs. Elena Vandelli aims to balance opposing forces, ensuring that each creation is a distinctive expression of design.

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