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Elena Vandelli Stavropoulou, is a Greek Italian architect, specialized in bioclimatic and environmental architecture. She studied Law and Architecture at the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki and at the Architectural Association in London.


Elena Vandelli Stavropoulou is the founder of the architectural practice Stavropoulou Architects based in Athens.



Her main design components that make up the total design procedure are:


  • Aesthetic & Technical Innovation: Elena’s main architectural challenge is to create an innovative poetical space through aesthetic and technical research, whilst always aiming for a cost and resource conscious realization. The practice’s experience ensures collaboration with specialized consultants and high-quality suppliers and craftsmen, enabling the meticulous realization of the architectural concept and allowing a holistic approach whose main goal is to implement the brief in the most sustainable way possible.


  • The Implementation of Bioclimatic Principles: Departing from the conviction that bioclimatic concerns and sustainability are not a limit to the imagination but contribute to architectural inspiration in the course of the design process, Elena emphasizes the application of bioclimatic strategies in relation to the project’s site. The practice is especially sensitive to sustainable architecture, which she considers to be a way of approaching and thinking through a project in order to create a unique built environment.


Elena Vandelli Stavropoulou design portfolio includes residential architecture, small industrial buildings, exhibition design, retail spaces and object design. The practice’s work also extends to environmental consulting and construction management.


She leads the total design process from concept design stage to the detailed structural design phase. She takes on a managing role in the construction procedure & supervision to ensure the realization of each project according to the design principles.


By becoming an architect she fulfilled her need for design and creation, especially through the combination of designing and making things by hand for particular architectural projects. This is an activity that has always provided her with an immediate satisfaction thanks to the unique process of passing from the idea to the final material object.


Discover her architectural work at:


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